Zero Liquid Discharge Plant in Bangladesh

Zero liquid discharge is a technology in which sewage water is recycled and purifies. In zero liquid discharge even a single drop of water is not allowed to discharge. Our most advanced ZLD plant have more than 98% water recovery. Zero Liquid Discharge Water is the best way to treat the liquid waste from the water and also it could be a great solution for the environment. It is custom designed evaporation and crystallization technology to make plants more resourceful and to reduce their impact on the environment. Zero liquid discharge is an advanced wastewater treatment method that includes ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and fractional electrodeionization. In addition to evaporation and crystallization, the following processes may also be used: ETP PLANT + (UF-RO) + EVAPORATOR ZLD can be useful across industries and allows for the effective reuse and recycling of process water.

Our ZLD Salient Features

  • Highest recovery of 95-98%.
  • Lowest operational cost 50-80RS/kl.
  • Zero chemical sludge.
  • Customized solutions.
  • No space restriction.
  • Exceptionally low capex.
  • Minimum dying cost-salt recovery.
  • Lowest stream & power consumption.
  • Less maintenance & breakdown.
  • Fully automated system in the world.

ZLD Plant consist of various processes

Automatic Screening Unit

This section is the head of the waste water treatment plants and for almost any application where fine screening is required. Its aim is that to eliminate all coarse materials which are present in waste water and that its presence, if not properly removed, would cause obstruction problems to following water treatment machines. The unit uses a perforated screen bed that is cleaned by slowly rotating brushes. The brushes remove screened particles and a scraper system discharges them from the unit. High quality stainless steel brushes are used in this system.

H-Bioxic (Most Advanced Aerobic Biological Treatment)

Biological tank consists bacteria which helps to reduce BOD and COD. It also maintains Dissolved Oxygen level in water. Bacteria helps to decompose all the organic material present in effluent. It requires proper aeration and food for proper growth of bacteria. In our H-Bioxic Biological Treatment Technology, there is no requirement of any chemical treatment and pre conditioning before biological treatment. Our H-Bioxic biological treatment system ensures zero chemical sludge with ultra-clear water outlet.

K-Anoxic (Most Advanced Anaerobic Biological Treatment)

Our unique Anaerobic based biological treatment degrades the organic load (COD and BOD) in anaerobic digesters at efficiency of more than 90 percent hence requiring very less space compared to conventional anaerobic system. The methane gas generated is further used as biofuel.

H-MBR Unit

Our revolutionary H-MBR technology enables long run without cleaning and produces ultra-clear output. Our H-MBR process consists of a biological tank, membrane skid, air blower and automated control equipment. High Yield H-MBR membranes are used made of poly vinyl di fluoride (PVDF) of porosity of 0.02 Micron leading to ultra-clear output enabling us to produce RO water at more than 98 percent recovery.

H-SBR Unit

H-SBR stands for Hyper Sequential Batch Reactor which is manufactured in house using the latest technology. It is a “flow through” process, with effluent coming in at one end and treated effluent flowing out at the other. Oxygen is bubbled through wastewater to reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD) making the effluent suitable for discharge. In SBR process follows filling, aeration, settling and decantation of effluent leading to more clear water than conventional Activated sludge process.

HMSRO (High Recovery Multi Stage RO system)

Our HMSRO is designed using ionization technology thus changing the physical nature of impurities. As a result, the RO system is operated at more than 98 Percent recovery without any issue of scaling and damage to membranes. Our RO system is equipped with latest membrane technology thus ensuring maximum membrane life.

H-MEE (Multi Effect Evaporator)

Our H-MEE (High vacuum Multi Effect Evaporator) uses combination of vacuum and forced circulation to evaporate the reject water at high evaporation rates. As a result, steam and power consumption is lowest as compared to similar products in market. Our system does not require any hardness treatment and there is no chemical treatment required.

Salt Recovery System

The residue water from MEE concentrated liquid is further evaporated to generate dry salt for disposal. We have two products for this type of requirement:

Rotary Dryer

Our unique. rotary dryer unit can handle reject upto 10000 Litres per day for generating dry salt for disposal. This unit is manufactured in house and can be run via steam or power.

ATFD (Agitated Thin Film Dryer)

For Reject more than 10000 liters per day, Our ATFD can easily handle and works on rotating blades technology for generating dry salt for disposal. This unit is manufactured in house and hence, low capital cost. The pure brine solution obtained is either can be used directly in process via liquid dispensing system thus saving high cost of operation of drying the salt. Otherwise, the same converted into solid form i.e. used back in the process with the help of cooling crystallizer in case of glauber salt and MEE in case of Common Salt

Why is there a need of Zero Liquid Discharge Water Treatment plant?

ZLD policy implemented by Dept. of Environment (DoE) which requires industry to install Zero Liquid Discharge systems in their units if discharge parameters are not within limits. Non-availability of desired quality of fresh water due to declining ground water table and contamination of available water sources.

Advantages of Hyper Zero Liquid Discharge: -

  • Highest Recovery of 95-98 %
  • No Chemical Treatment Required
  • Lowest steam and power consumption
  • Customized Solutions
  • Fully Automated System and Minimum Manpower
  •  Zero Chemical Sludge
  • Lowest operation Cost
  • No space restriction
  • Salt recovery system to produce pure salt to be reused back in Process