Commercial and Industrial Water Softener is like a filter that removes calcium and magnesium from hard water. Kimiya Enviro Care Engineering is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial water softeners based in Bangladesh.


Kimiya Enviro Care Engineering designs its Industrial Water Softeners in such a way that it meets your requirements. We analyze your requirements before designing and work closely with you to design the perfect water softener system to meet your expectations. There are many Industries in India and all Industries want the perfect Industrial Water Softener partner that figures out the daily demand on the system which is calculated in gallons per minute (GPM), gallons per day (GPD), and water quality. It also tells about the vessel size, pipe size, and control valve sizes.

Our Industrial water softeners are of good quality and low maintenance required. We are providing manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic controls. To meet the needs of specific applications, our hard water softeners are available with a wide range of configurations including piping quality, tank construction, single, double, and triple unit arrangements, etc.


• Flow Range: 500 LPH to 500 KLPH (500m3)

• Materials: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) / Stainless Steel (SS) / Mild Steel Rubber, Epoxy Lining (MSRL/MSEL)

• Operation: Semi-automatic / fully automatic plants, Dashboard, Reporting, and Analytics (DAR) for managing multi-plant operations using Mobile, Laptop, and Tablets.

Features of our Industrial/Commercial Water Softener

• Manufactured in FRP, SS MS, etc.

• Agitator also available and has a capacity of up to 60000 LPH

• Maintenance service is provided on-site

• Resins of a maximum of all brands are available

• MS Vessel, FRP coating, rubber lining, black Japan paint, epoxy paint, enamel paint

• Specially designed for housing society, hospitals, schools, malls, institutes, industries, factories, etc.