Common and Combined Effluent Treatment Plants

Waste water of individual industries contains high concentration of pollutants occasionally and to reduce them by individual treatment to the desired concentration many times become technologically difficult and uneconomical also. Combined treatment provides a better and economical solution because of the equalization, Treatment and neutralization taking place in CETP.Wastewater treatment is a prime objective of the CETP. The wastewater can be treated economically in CETP to produce process grade water. This water can be reused and recycled in the industry. Water conservation thus can be one of the objectives of the CETP. This combination treatment process should consist of physical, chemical, and biological methods that will effectively treat wastewater based on the pollution load. Therefore, suitable treatment methodologies (combined treatment plants) can be used and made fit for recycling, and the reuse of treated effluent from the textile industry.We work in the designing, expansion & upgradation of Common Effluent Treatment Plant. We have Engineering team for proper consultancy & maintenance for CETP.

Advantages of Common Effluent Treatment Plant

There are many advantages of using CETPs by small scale and mid-size industries, some of the advantages are listed below-

 1 – Saving Capital Cost and skipping Installation of individual ETP plant

 2 – Saving Operation Cost of ETP

 3 – Specially Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Industry

 4 – Better treatment at one location

5 – Land Conservation /Availability of Land

 7 – Easy Operation and Maintenance

8 – Low Cost by shared expense

About of Common Effluent Treatment Plant

As you know, treating the effluent came from industry is mandatory. There are many industries, which is small or entry level or mid-sized, that they are not able to install their own Effluent Treatment Plant just because of Lack of Land / space, Resources, Specialized Manpower, Budget or any other issue. CETP help to solve their problems.    Small industry can for a Cooperative group or any government local body or any individual group can provide these small scale industries for a specific location to treat their industrial wastewater before discharging it into nature.  The Common ETP is very helpful for red category flagged industry like chemical and textile for their highly polluting type of effluent and requires treatment measures before disposal.  

Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is used for treating combined effluents generated from a cooperative group of small industries. Effluent Treatment Plants need land for its construction, large capital, power, and specialized manpower for its operation and maintenance. A normal ETP Plant cost a large amount of these resources which is not affordable to have its own effluent treatment facilities for small and middle scale industries. Now Common Effluent Treatment Plant plays a big role by treating the combined effluent from all small and mid –sized industries at a centralized place.  These small scale industries formed a co-operative group for Common Effluent Treatment System or Government Local bodies are also providing the same with a minimum charge of treating their industrial waste.