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Avada Plumbers did an amazing job installing my new corner tub. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work and clean-up.


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Founder and Chief Executive Massage

I am delighted to introduce to you Hydroflux Engineering Pvt. Ltd. – a leading provider of Engineer-ing focused turnkey solutions for Water and Waste water Management. Our impressive track rec-ord over the past few years has seen our credibility grow in the market and enabled our clients to see us a valued partner rather than a vendor. Today, Hydroflux Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is regarded a forerunner in its areas of operation and is raising the bar for others in the sector. We are able to provide our clients the best and most cost effective integrated solutions due to our in-house Engineering and Manufacturing capability.

We are continually augmenting our skills to provide a broader range of customisable solution offer-ings in our core areas of water and wastewater management. Our team is working relentlessly and diversifying into new areas of work like RO, STP, ETP, DM, etc.. We have expanded our footprint in various locations and see many more opportunities for fur-ther expansion. We have had an excellent run over the past few years and are focused on maintaining the same growth. The near future will see Hydroflux Engineering Pvt. Ltd. make forays into new areas, taking on larger projects, and propelling Hydroflux Engineering Pvt. Ltd. to still greater heights.

Our strength squarely lies in the high caliber and dedication of our people; committed, professional and passionate individuals who share the same vision of a progressive India. With sights set high on the future and a penchant to take on new challenges, we are confident that as India traces on its incredible growth trajectory, we will continue to scale new heights and be a partner in Engineering a Nation.

Founder and Chief Executive
Mobile:+880 1322-893 701
Email: ceo@kimiyabd.com