Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Consulting Firm in Bangladesh

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What is Environmental Management Plan (EMP)?

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) can be defined as “an environmental management tool used to ensure that undue or reasonably avoidable adverse impacts of the construction, operation and decommissioning of a project are prevented; and that the positive benefits of the projects are enhanced”. EMPs are therefore important tools for ensuring that the management actions arising from Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes are clearly defined and implemented through all phases of the project life-cycle. Environmental Management Plan – EMP is a plan for environmental activities during project construction, designed to ensure sound environmental management, mitigating adverse environmental impacts and maximizing beneficial effects within an overall objective of sustainable development.

Objectives of Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

  • Identify a range of mitigation measures which could reduce and mitigate the potential impacts to minimal or insignificant levels;
  • To identify measures that could optimize beneficial impacts;
  • To create management structures that address the concerns and complaints of stakeholders with regards to the development;
  • To establish a method of monitoring and auditing environmental management practices during all phases of development;
  • Ensure that the construction and operational phases of the project continues within the principles of Integrated Environmental Management;
  • Detail specific actions deemed necessary to assist in mitigating the environmental impact of the project;
  • Ensure that the safety recommendations are complied with;
  • Propose mechanisms for monitoring compliance with the EMP and reporting thereon

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) should contain the following information’s/data:

  1. General Information
  2. Description of The Proposed Project
  3. List of Industrial Waste
  4. Produced Liquid Waste
  5. Drainage System (Drainage Lay Out Plan)
  6. Particle Matters and Gas Emission
  7. Noise Pollution Management
  8. Occupational Health and Safety Management
  9. Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures
  10. Environmental Management Plan
  11. Emergency Management
  12. Public Consultation

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) should contain the following information’s/data:

Environmental Management Plan (EMP), which include mainly Project Background, Purpose of The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Study, Description of the Project, Manufacturing Process, Raw Materials, Machineries and Utilities, Description of Existing Environment, Physico-Chemical , Biological, Socio-economic profile of the project area, Main exports, Identification of Potential Significant Impacts, Evaluation of Potential Impacts & Mitigation Measures, Environmental Management Plan Outline, Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan, Six Steps in Emergency Response, Emergency Procedures in Case of Fire, Fire Safety Risk Assessment, Managing Fire Safety, Emergency Response in Case of Building Collapse, Conclusion and Recommendation.

Who needs Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is required by DoE for Environmental Clearance and other issue, H&M buyer for HIGG index, International Certification body, GSCP, IFC/World Bank, Bangladesh Bank, Govt. BSCI, LEED, BPEI, Sedex, WRAP, ICS, Wal-Mart, Buyers’ Audits, Officers & Various types of Buyer Code of Conduct Audits etc.

Cost of Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Cost of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is not fixed due to proposed project or development size. Different organization or project or developments may have different size and scope of work. So, budget of Environmental Management Plan (EMP) will vary project to project duo to many reason. Price or Project cost is negotiable and depends on project or development complexibility, size, time etc.